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ESP726s Continuous Forms Cutter

Designed to meet the demands of high-volume form processing. The ESP726s includes all the same features of the ESP726 with the addition of integrated Slit/Merge capability.   The slit/merge module is self-contained in the cutter thus reducing the amount of floor space needed as with other systems.   Two-up processing has never been easier.

  • Slit/Merge Module - Included to allow processing up two-up applications.
  • Advanced Microprocessor Controller, allowing easy future upgrades and job programmability.
  • LCD Display and 8 Button Control Panel displays current status and all job setup parameters.
  • Forms Depth: 1/6" and 1/8" allows greater flexibility of form size specifications.
  • Auto Paper Advance for quick, hands-free paper loading.
  • Paper End Sensor for automatic paper-end shutdown.
  • On-Line and Off-Line Modes  gives the flexibility to use the cutter with a printer or in a finishing department.
  • Central Width Adjustment allows quick and accurate width changes to accommodate many form sizes.
  • Stores up to 41 Different Jobs to reduce setup time = increased production.
  • Ultrasonic Loop Control automatically monitors and adjusts to printer speed.
  • Printer Interface Included should an error occur, the ESP726 will notify the printer and stop production.
  • Wheel Mounted allows easy movement from one area to another.
  • Modular Design allows you to custom configure a solution to meet your specific needs.

The ESP400 is certified to American, Canadian, and European safety standards: