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ESP 703 Rotary Forms Cutter

Designed to meet the demands of high-volume form processing. Rotary Cut design will give your facility the increased productivity that you've been looking for.  

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  • Servo-Driven Blade Control System, Microprocessor controlled rotary cut technology ensures fast, safe, clean accurate cuts..
  • Pinless and Pinfed Operation -  Take advantage of paper cost savings by utilizing the pinless features available on today's continuous forms printers, and still have the ability to process all pinfed documents
  • Built-in Pinless Slit/Merge - Process pinfed or pinless two-up forms without additional equipment or floorspace.
  • Touch Screen User Interface -  Job setup and changes are fast and easy with the integrated touch-screen operator panel.
  • On-line and Off-line Capabilities -  The ESP703 can be used on-line with a continuous forms printer or off-line to feed a folder or inserter in your bindery department.
  • Custom Solutions -  The ESP703 Rotary Form Cutter can be coupled with the ESP755 Job Offset Stacker to provide a precision cut-sheet solution to meet all print-on-demand (POD), statement processing, report generation, booklet making, and check processing needs.
  • Ultrasonic Loop Control automatically monitors and adjusts to printer speed.
  • Printer Interface Included
  • Mounted Wheels allow easy movement from one area to another.