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ESP "H" Pattern Duplex Printing Solution

System shown with an ESP810 "H1" Configuration

ESP810 "H1" Solution (Patented)

ESP820 "H2" Solution

The patented ESP810 places the two printers with the operator panels facing each other. This solution keeps the operator's work area between two printers.  The output from each printer is at opposite ends when running in simplex mode.  Then in duplex mode, the input and output are on the same end of the system.

The ESP820 configuration allows the printers to be placed so that the workflow moves in one direction.  The pre-processing equipment for each printer is on one end while the post-processing equipment is on the opposite end.

ESP830 "H3" Solution


The ESP830 solution can be set-up for simplex highlight color or standard duplex printing. The ESP830 works exactly like the ESP820 solution with the additional ability to print side A on printer 1 in one color and send side A into printer 2 to add a highlight color.

  • Two distinct solutions: ESP810 and ESP820.
  • Adds versatility to your duplex printing system.
  • Simplex or Duplex print operation.
  • Compact design; footprint can be as small as 20' x 30', including  printers and pre- and post- processing equipment.
  • Diamond plate bridge covers paper path, allowing operator to walk over system.
  • Air pump for turn-bars helps reduce paper drag.