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Hartford, CT (May 10, 2007) -- You think that with a name like Energy Saving Products (ESP) a company would make or sell something to reduce your electric bill. Well, not quite. The products and machines manufactured by this company do reduce energy consumption, the energy expended by printing and mailing shop employees who handle giant rolls of paper. Founded by Rick Lamothe in 1986, ESP has become a globally recognized brand in this niche market.

The son of a machinist, Lamothe was always good with his hands. In the early 1980s he was working at a “mailing house” in the Hartford area. While there, he came up with his first invention: a machine to put stamps on envelopes at the rate of 10,000 per hour. A company was born. He left the mail house, opened his own shop and worked developing machines. In order to fund his venture (and to eat) he also worked a day job to keep money coming in. The shop on Bartholomew Ave in West Hartford was where he then built and sold 12 of the stamp machines before selling the rights to another company. Lamothe was, and still is, a machine shop guy, building everything from the ground up.

Lamothe and his old boss at the mailing house were still on good terms after parting way. His boss called and asked if Lamothe could build a special machine. Lamothe said “yes.”  At this time he was also doing a lot of one-off test equipment and machinery jobs for local manufacturers like GE and Stanley Works. These were machines for testing endurance, failure analysis, and repetitive action. One machine proved the theory that if the tab at the end of a tape measure had 3 rivets instead of 2, longevity and customer satisfaction would be greatly increased.

DataMail, the mailing house, wanted Lamothe to build an unwinder for large rolls of paper. He built one, and then three more. Another company wanted ten more. The word was getting out, but Lamothe was a one man shop.  They expanded to three. Of the original employees, Nate Howard, is still with ESP. The company has had several different locations and in 1998 moved to their current 35,000 square foot location in Burlington, CT, where there are now 25 employees.

Since its first unwinder was built for Data Mail in 1986, ESP has put several thousand unwinds and rewinds in the field and Data Mail is still a customer.  As times change, so do the machines. Designs are constantly being tweaked and updated for peak performance.

About Energy Saving Products  

Energy Saving Products builds all types of document handling machines for printing, sorting, folding, feeding, cutting, slitting, perforating and verifying continuous forms, both pre- and post- process.  ESP machines are “Made in America” and can be found throughout the globe, in Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

Companies from the Fortune 500 to small businesses use ESP products, as does the federal government and many state agencies.  With over 20 years of hands-on experience, both in the shop and in the field, ESP is the builder to go to for high-quality, high-speed, American-made machinery. For more information, please visit


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